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Choctaw Code Talkers 1918 in XR360º


Before the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII, there were the Choctaw Code Talkers of WWI. These sons of Choctaw Nation played an important role in communicating military strategies in their native language across battlefield phone lines, helping to win an important victory in northeastern France which led to the end of WWI.

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4-minute XR360º™ experience available on iPhone, Android, desktop, and Oculus Quest, plus 3 hours of core standards-aligned course material. Primary Source narratives from a descendent of a WWI Choctaw Code Talker, and original letters and artifacts from military personnel from the campaign. Choctaw language lesson: hear and see original Choctaw code talker messages and discuss the evolution of the language. Embedded interactive module including a quiz and just-in-time student inquiry and content exploration Virtual Field Trip: interactive 360º video of footage from the actual battlefilelds and forests where the battles took place, with narration in English and French Supporting curricula: a collection of historical materials about WWI, Native American tribal government, history, and contributions to the U.S. military. Bonus extended reality holographic content by geolocation: Choctaw Memorial at Tuskahomma, OK, and Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. Materials developed with consultations with the Texas Military Forces Museum and Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Education Department and the School of Choctaw Language.

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