Putting Code to Culture, and (re)Discovering San Diego

QI and UCSD Gallery Exhibition


As visitors approach the space, they will see large, sheer, floor to ceiling floating panels printed with the tule reed stands from Cuyamaca Lake.


Upon entry to the space, visitors will be greeted with a 3-wall immersive room scale projection. There will be a kiosk and also a post with a QR code which will lead people to a website (that only works in the space within the gallery) where people can choose an experience to view. There will be a sitting area and headsets for people to use if they wish to hear the audio.

The exhibition will focus on the XR360º narratives produced by OurWorlds from the tribal and cultural leaders of the Kumeyaay, Payomkawichum, and Kuupangaxwichem here in San Diego. Topics covered in the narratives include tribal leadership, cultural stories and histories, and ethnobotany. Outside of the exhibition will be looping videos of object creation by our content partners: harvesting, tule boat creation, basket weaving, tool and shelter making. Visitors will be encouraged to download the app, to project for themselves augmented reality versions of the objects being made in the video.