Our Worlds in Conversation with Dr. Stanley Rodriguez at Ocean Prototype Nights, UCSD Design Lab Grand Opening

Our Worlds was invited to speak with Dr. Stanley Rodriguez at the Ocean Prototype Nights presentation at the opening of the Design & Innovation building. The presentation was hosted by UCSD's Lisa Cartwright, and Nan Renner from Birch Aquarium.

We spoke with Dr. Rodriguez about his ha kwaiyo (tule boat) project and how he is sharing this tradition with the San Diego community and working with Our Worlds to document the creation of the boats in extended reality. We showed some of the initial footage from our volumetric video shoot with Dr. Rodriguez and his sons, building the boat, and demonstrating how they are used on the water.

It was part of a panel of researchers, artists, and engineers doing incredible work to preserve the ocean-going traditions of indigenous people around the world, including Mario Borja, Simon Penny, Micki Davis, Mimi George, and Vincente M. Diaz. Watch the recording here:

From left: Dr. Stanley Rodriguez, Kilma Lattin, Catherine Eng. Photo courtesy of Dr. Rodriguez.