Choctaw Code Talkers 1918

SXSW film FESTIVAL 2022 OFFICIAL selection (XR)

Our Worlds tells the incredible story of America’s original Code Talkers. Stationed in France in 1918, soldiers from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma communicated tactical messages in their native language across battlefield phone lines, helping to turn the tides of the war. The piece immerses viewers in the presence of Choctaw soldiers fighting in France, presented in XR360º.

Directors: Kilma Lattin (Pala, Kuupangaxwichem), Catherine Eng
Executive Producer: Kilma Lattin
Producer: Kilma Lattin, Catherine Eng
Screenwriter: Kilma Lattin, Catherine Eng
Cinematographer: Andrew Gant
VFX Editor: Nicholas Pittom
Production Design: Catherine Eng
Sound Designer: Dylan Luna (Pala, Kuupangaxwichem)
Music: Dylan Luna
Principal Cast: Bryan Lavato (Pala, Kuupangaxwichem)

Developer: Maximilian Mackh, 360º videographer: Peter van der Wyngaert, Production Assistant: Patrick Berard, Choctaw Speaker 1: Mike Davis (Choctaw), Choctaw Speaker 2: Curtis Billy (Choctaw), French Translator and Narrator: Adrien Rahmati, English Narrator: Catherine Eng, Story Consultant: Judy Allen (Choctaw), Story Consultant: Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer (Choctaw), Choctaw Translations: School of Choctaw Language

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