Beyond the Metaverse: The Evolution of Reality

SXSW Panel

'What might ancient knowledge systems teach us about the challenges and opportunities facing the 21st Century? More than you might think. Reality is continually evolving and we’ve reached a point in Our Civilization where digital technologies and humanity are now being fused together, forever. We aren’t going back. For example, 1) the work being done to connect brains and computers (BCI-Brain Computer Interface); or, 2) the work being done to store digital files in DNA molecules for data retrieval— the byproduct of which is creating new hybrid/synthetic organisms; or, 3) the work being done in XR and immersive realities. How will we manage all of this, responsibly? In this panel we discuss the evolution of reality and what that means for humanity going forward.'
- Kilma Lattin, Our Worlds Founder/CEO

A sincere thank you to our incredible panelists. This panel resonated with our audience: we should all have a voice in shaping our immersive realities.

Panel Info

This event has ended and took place March 15, 2022 in Austin, TX at SXSW 2022.